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Jiangsu horizon Mstar Technology Ltd is the leader of China building environmental protection products, headquartered in Yangzhou, Jiangsu. The company's products are mainly used in all kinds of floor lacquer, epoxy floor, epoxy floor lacquer, anticorrosion floor, wear-resistant floor, anti static floor, PVC anti static floor, sports ground floor, parking lot floor, transportation facilities and so on. The quality of the company's products is the most recognized in the industry at present.
施工工艺   素地处理  ①基础素地以水泥粉光面或磨石地为准;  ②素地需养生28天以上,水 份需8%以下方可施 工素地如有不平或空鼓需加以除去;  ③用环氧砂浆补平地面;  ④素地之油...
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